Connecting Through Play
Connecting Through Play


  1. The first stage of the assessment process is a screening questionnaire. Parents/ carers are asked to complete the questionnaire in as much detail as possible so that we can build up a picture about your child.
  2. We will then speak to you on the telephone and discuss what kind of assessment is most appropriate for your child. 
  3. A full assessment. This typically takes 2-5 hours but can be broken down into shorter sessions. It can take place in the child's home or their education setting. Within the assessment the family will be given feedback regarding their child and guidance on where to begin helping them.
  4. We will write an assessment report and therapy advice. 

The type of assessment will vary depending on the child's needs. The cost will be dependant on how long the assessment takes. An INPP assessment differs, for example, from a DIRFloortime assessment. 

Costs will be agreed up-front with each family, so each family/ funder can budget in advance.


Therapy/ Reviews

1.  The emphasis of our work is to coach parents/ carers and Education staff as they are the key people in the child's life. The therapeutic benefits of this are manifold:

  • The adults in the child's life fully understand the child. Finally understanding the child's difficulties and reasons for their behaviour can have a profound impact on the parent/child relationship.
  • The child begins to understand themself. Older children feel relieved when they understand why they are struggling.
  • The therapy programme can be carried out daily. This greatly improves the speed of change and the degree of improvement. 
  • For children requiring the DIRFloortime Model, the relationship between the adult and child is fundamental within all therapy.
  • Significant adults can manipulate the child's daily environment, either to help them function better (e.g. reduce noise) or to create appropriate challenges.

2.  Children are regularly reviewed and new exercises/ therapy advice is given. The timing of the review will depend on the child and the therapy involved. E.g. where children are following the INPP Method, this will be every 8 weeks for a one hour review, DIRFloortime reviews are more frequent.


3. In some situations we will see a child for weekly/ twice weekly sessions of up to one hour.



We are happy to support any family who is approaching Funding Bodies for financial support to pay for therapy.


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Connecting Through Play

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