Connecting Through Play
Connecting Through Play

No Child Is The Same

We are all a result of our genetic inheritance, our physical environment and our emotional environment. Only a thorough assessment will indicate which type of therapy might be the best course to prioritise. Even then, therapy will change as the child and family develop together.


Denise draws from theories stemming from a range of models and approaches. Most commonly she uses the DIRFloortime Model, INPP primitve reflex integration sensory integration therapy, play therapy and The Listening Program.


Alongside using the approaches listed, she will want to liase with the child's GP, Paediatrician, Speech and Language Therapist, Nutritionist and any other key professionals involved with the child.



Home-based/ School-based Therapy

"I feel strongly that therapy should be based around a daily programme. As such, the emphasis of my advice is always around enabling the family/ school to carry out the therapy. Regular reviews are then set according to the family's need. Weekly sessions are possible when the need is indicated, but only alongside the child's daily programme," says Denise.




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